See what some of our clients have to say.

THANK YOU to all of the great people we have worked with over the years!

"You are fantastic, seriously, did you know that?! I cannot tell you how fantastic you are. How are you so good? You took my bland, nasty, boring verbiage and made it cool, hip, fun and exciting!!! No wonder you are so good at your job!!! A very grateful, Lora"
~ Lora Hogan

"You don't miss a beat! You're excellent -- you're outstanding! I tell all my friends that if they work with you, they pay for quality."
~ Johnnia Mitchell, owner of Just B Beautiful

"Thank you so much for all you've done for us! The website is just perfect and all your advice and creativity are indispensable. Thanks for so generously sharing your time and talents!"
~ Rebecca Ruppar,

"I contacted RDesign with the shadow of an idea, and Raffi helped make clear my vision. But more important to me, Raffi made suggestions that will serve my business for years to come.

I did not want Raffi to build me a web site because I wanted to know how to do so and be able to teach my people the same. Imagine my surprise when Raffi showed me how to construct a web site where my people who need to add information can do so easily and those who have the skills and desire can change the overall look and feel of the site from the back end.

Raffi will continue to consult with me, and, as I have already done, I am sure that I will continue to draw upon Raffi’s deep knowledge and keen skills far into the future.
Thank you, Raffi, for giving my business a powerful tool with which to solicit business and communicate with our clients. "
~ Mark Joseph Runge, President, Dog Tag Heroes, Inc.

"Among the many things that I am thankful for this season, an easy and productive working relationship with you is on my list. Thanks for making the hardest part of doing a website look like the easiest part!"
~ Elizabeth Barnes

"I always have my hands in a number of business ventures. For nearly ten years before I met Raffi and RDesign, I worked with graphic designers at various companies. And while some were good, none were great. RDesign is great. I am glad I found them. When I need any creative work done, it goes to them. Not only do they do the best work, but their turn-around time is excellent. Thank you for being the most reliable graphic design company out there. You are the best!"
~J. Christopher Robbins

"Raffi was my first web designer. She made one or two great websites for me. Being a yoga teacher, I didn't really earn the kind of money needed to pay a professional company real web design fees. So I left RDesign and went to a local "work out of the house guy", and then another and then another and yet another... I am SOOO happy to be back with Raffi and RDesign! They answer the phones, they get on the job quickly - this is a very professional company who has helped to put me out there into the universe. I sold a product to Japan today, and I am glad to know that folks all over the world can easily navigate through my fabulous site!"
~ Haris Lender

"I'm thrilled that my web site looks as good as it does - in as little time as it took - for as inexpensive as it was. You are very on top of what's new in the web world."
~ Paul M.

"After speaking to several companies about creating an E-Commerce Site for our retail business, we hired RDesign. What an incredible blessing that choice was! Raffi and Brian are extremely knowledgeable. In addition to their welcomed expertise, they are dependable, responsive, creative and delightful to work with. I highly recommend RDesign to anyone, they are a breath of fresh air."
~ Jen, Whim So Doodle, St Petersburg, FL

"Simply amazing. When you asked me, 'Do you love your website?' I really DO! How strange to have love for a webpage!! Bravo Baby!"
~ Kat Randall, author and publisher

"Raffi and Brian worked with me to create exactly what I wanted. Thanks to their ideas, my website is more useful to potential clients and it is much easier for them to find."
~ Brad Bole, attorney, Orlando, FL

"We get lots of compliments on our logo and I try to refer business your way constantly."
~ Vincent Smith, Arvana

"Great job. The logo samples look fabulous. You are going to help escalate us to the next level. We are extremely grateful."
~ Patrice H.

"As the kids say...YOU'RE THE BOMB! This is really great!"
~ Tony McCoy, The UPS Store, Largo, FL

"This is so beautifully designed. It doesn't look like other people's websites, yet it isn't alien - people will know how to get around. It's easy on the eyes, not shouting at me. I think you've hit a home run."
~ Christine F.

"Raffi has been most helpful with presenting new ideas for my website and for basic up-keep. Her fees are reasonable and her services are professional. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a "little help" or a complete redesign."
~Dennis Youschak

"I have had the privilege of working with RDesign on several projects, and this is the only company I intend to use for any design need my future brings. My emails and inquiries are always answered immediately, and the responses contain valuable information that I did not think to ask for, but that RDesign’s staff thought of and took it upon themselves to research for me.
Raffi is prompt, professional, excellent to work with, charges reasonable rates, and does excellent work. I will definitely be back, and I highly recommend RDesign to anyone looking to utilize top-notch creative talent to help grow their business."
~ Miriam Berger, NY