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More Bang for your Buck!

Don't waste your time or money on a website that doesn't meet your goals. Many websites are completely ineffective. Is that what you want?
Of course not!

Maybe your neighbor's 14 year old nephew can make web sites on his iPad, or that blogger can make a WordPress site for $300. But the resulting web site will NOT have what a site we make has:

A web site created by someone who has not studied online behavior and how people react to marketing is missing the best parts about having an online presence! Your web site could be like having a sales division of your company open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, all around the world... Like having your best salesperson on hand, ready to tell the benefits of your company at any moment. Changes can be made almost instantly - with no printing costs. And it gives your company validity. A web site with the right look and feel can make the stay-at-home gift basket business owner seem like the largest boutique on the block.

Friendly, knowledgable

When you meet with RDesign, you'll speak with a "web expert" in the Tampa Bay area who will listen to your goals. Our staff is fluent in English and "web," so we can develop online solutions to real world problems.

Whether the goal of your website is to generate phone calls or to make money by advertising your product or service to potential customers, we can help. If you want to change the text yourself or link to your Facebook page, we'll help with that too!

A web site you can change yourself

Wordpress web designerIf you need us to build a site, but you'd like to maintain text and photos yourself, we can help with that too! Typically, we'll use WordPress for a project like this.

Why WordPress? Our clients find WordPress so easy to use, that a training session is usually done over the phone in about 20 minutes!

Dedicated to Tampa Bay

Web designers come and go like the latest fashion trends, but we're here to stay. We've been part of the Tampa Bay community for over 15 years. When our previous jobs would have taken us away, we quit and started RDesign so that we wouldn’t have to leave. We're a Tampa Bay web site design company and most of our clients are businesses in the Tampa Bay area. In fact, we serve the entire Tampa Bay area, including St. Petersburg (our home), Clearwater, Tampa, Bradenton and Sarasota. We're also an approved vendor for Pinellas County Public Schools. That doesn't mean we limit ourselves, though. We have clients across the nation (and even one in France).

Make a great impression!

Did you know that 82% of us begin our search for products and services through a search engine? People are looking for you!

Whether you're our neighbor in Tampa Bay or anywhere else, your local customers are looking on the web before looking in the phone book. If you're targeting a national or international audience, an even greater percentage of your business will be affected by the web. In addition, all of your other marketing efforts direct people to your web site... so shouldn't your website make a great impression? After all, your competition is only a “back” button away.

Why use RDesign?

Our staff has over a decade of marketing & writing experience with organizations including Rolling Stone, Men's Journal, Scholastic and USF. We have 18 years of academic and commercial programming experience. We've been building websites since 1995, so we know how to embrace changing technology.

Don't just take our word for it...

See what these happy customers are saying about RDesign:

read testimonials"I'm thrilled that my web site looks as good as it does - in as little time as it took - for as inexpensive as it was. You are very on top of what's new in the web world." ~ Paul M.

"After speaking to several companies about creating an E-Commerce Site for our retail business, we hired RDesign. What an incredible blessing that choice was! Raffi and Brian are extremely knowledgeable. In addition to their welcomed expertise, they are dependable, responsive, creative and delightful to work with. I highly recommend RDesign to anyone, they are a breath of fresh air." ~ Jen P., Pennsylvania

"Simply amazing. When you asked me, 'Do you love your website?' I really DO! How strange to have love for a webpage!! Bravo Baby!" ~ Kat Randall, author and publisher of Yoga for Youngsters, St. Louis, MO

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