Postcards and Direct Mail Marketing

accent laminating postcard

Direct mail marketing that works well is quick to produce, easy to respond to, and can be targeted to your specific audience.

Postcards are commonly used because they:

  • Do not have an envelope to open
  • Often reduce postage costs
  • Have a sense of informality that many people appreciate.

    You can use direct mail marketing to generate inquiries, make special offers, obtain leads, advertise or conduct research.

    We suggest that you place a special code on your direct mail piece. Then, as people respond, ask for the code and you can keep track of where your leads are coming from. Features like this help you track your ROI - return on investment.

    Direct mail marketing campaigns can vary from large packets to simple postcard mailings, and are a great way to let people know about special offers and new products or services. You might even use postcards to drive prospective customers to your web site.

    No matter what size direct mail package you choose, make sure it's easy for people to respond to. Encourage readers to take action! All of your contact information should be prominently displayed, preferably more than once. For larger direct mail packages, consider including a response form with a self-addressed envelope. You can view samples of some pieces here.

    Direct Mail and Mail Lists

    Your postcard marketing can only be as good as the address list it is sent to. We can help you with mailing lists, sales leads and other mailing services. Let us know about your next direct mail or postcard marketing project.