Logo Design and Corporate Identity

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If you already have a logo & need it digitized or turned into vector art (such as an .eps), we can help with that too! If you're starting from scratch, read on...

A logo is more than a small bit of art that sits next to your company name. It needs to be:

With RDesign, you can expect a custom logo that reflects the uniqueness of your business. We do not purchase templates or use clip art available to the masses. All logos are custom made for you by one or more of our designers in the Tampa Bay area. Best of all, you will be able to communicate directly with a designer, either by email, telephone or in person. [view samples here]

Logo Design Process

When you come to us for a logo, we'll discuss what your business is about and who your clients are. To build a brand, you must first know your audience. What is important to them? What problems do they have that your company can solve? How can you make life easier for them? If your audience thinks of you first when they need a problem solved, you have superior brand recognition.

We’ll use the innovation and creativity RDesign is known for to tell your story. You'll receive some sample designs so that you can let us know if we're on the right track. Once we’ve got the general design down, we’ll tweak it until it’s perfect. It’ll probably take longer than a day or two, but your logo will be with you for the life of your business. We think it’s worth a little extra attention.

Once it’s all finished, you’ll own the rights to your new logo. We’ll provide you with all of the files that you’ll ever need for your logo to be used on just about anything (.psd, .eps, .tif, .pdf, .ai , jpg or .gif at 72 dpi or at 300 dpi). Remember, your logo needs to look great in print, on the web, in black and white, on a shirt, on a truck, etched on glass, carved in ice - wherever! Our logos are all vector based artwork so they can go from a business card to a billboard without looking grainy. View our Logo Portfolio here.

We can also handle design and printing of your business cards and letterhead. For the level of professionalism you need to get the clients you want, contact us today.

little mangos logo
"Everyone I show my new logo to absolutely loves it. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. I would recommend you any time."
~ Jill Ceurvels, Little Mangos, Dorchester, MA