WordPress Question of the Day

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Q: I want my site to have more than just text. I want to embed videos, show my Twitter feed, and add images – without having to call my webmaster. Can WordPress do that?

A: Yes! A WordPress website will allow you to make changes to the text of your site, but you can also easily link to a PDF newsletter, embed a YouTube video, stream a photo album from Flickr or Photobucket and much more! And it’s so easy, just go to the item you want to embed live online, click on the web address (URL) in your browser, and paste it in your WordPress post or page on a line by itself. You don’t even have to make it a live link! WordPress will automatically do the rest.

A complete list of embeddable sites include:

Learn more about embeds here.

Pictures added to a page or post are uploaded. You click the “add media” button and can choose to upload an image, PDF or other media – and some browsers will even let you simply drag and drop a file from your computer so you don’t have to find the folder on your computer. A list of file types you can upload is here.

All uploaded items are added into your site’s Media Library, where they can be used over and over again. You can add a caption, resize an image, make the image link to another web page when clicked, align the image so your text flows around it, or use the image gallery feature if you have multiple images in the same page/post.

WordPress offers more information on that here.

If you have a WordPress website and don’t know how to add images or videos, we can help! If your website doesn’t allow you to make your own changes and you want to consider switching to WordPress, please give us a call.

5 WordPress Plugins We Love

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We design a lot of web sites using WordPress so our clients can update content of the site without calling us. Just like any other website, though, one WordPress site might require different features than another. Often, you’ll luck out and find a WordPress Plugin that is free and has already been programmed to function the way you want it to. This might include installing a contact form for web visitors to fill out, or adding a slideshow of photos to a page.

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins we love and use frequently. Here are 5:

1. Contact From 7: Studies show 50% of web users like to actively use contact info on a page (to call or find you), and 50% of users are more passive and prefer to fill out a contact form. Unless you know how to code using PHP, and install a PHP plugin, it might be difficult to allow users to fill out a form on your site. Contact Form 7 solves this problem! It’s a contact form that is simple but flexible. Other programmers have added plugins to expand this plugin, making it even more robust.

2. Link Within: This plugin does not work with all themes, but when it does it keeps readers engaged and increases traffic by putting links to additional posts from your blog’s archives under a post. It’s a great way to expose new readers to old posts they might not otherwise read.

3. Add to Any: Lets readers share, bookmark, and email your posts and pages usingĀ  Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Delicious, and well over 100 more sharing and social bookmarking sites. Also includes a Facebook Like Button and Twitter Tweet Button. You need to test this out though, and make sure it plays nice with your theme on both Posts and Pages before using it.

4. Content Slide Plugin: Create a customizable slideshow anywhere on your WordPress site with rotating images.

5. Embed iFrame: Easily embed bits of code that is typically shared within an iframe, such as a Google Map or Youtube video. WordPress can’t handle these items correctly without a plugin. They might seem like they are working at first, but when you go back to edit the post or page they disappear. This plugin helps you avoid that with one tiny line of code.

If you are looking to solve a functionality problem of your WordPress site, contact us – we might just know about the plugin you don’t even know you’re missing! We’ve also designed custom plugins to manage databases of baseball players, price items in a shopping cart based on dimensions, and track which shoes a runner wore for how much mileage… Every website we create opens up a new world to us, and we’re ready to use our skills to help you today!

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