Our Mission

People are spurred to action by their emotions and intellect. RDesign is about eliciting actions from the right audience for our clients - whether those actions are purchases, phone calls or learning.

We combine the visual arts of design with the sciences of programming and research to provide solutions to our clients' needs - even the ones they don't know they have yet.

As a top creative studio in the Tampa Bay area, we embrace socially-conscious projects which help build our local community.

Raffi Darrow, Creative Catalyst

raffi darrow

RDesign was started by Raffi Darrow in 2003. Raffi's PR and writing experiences include Rolling Stone Magazine, Scholastic Math, The St. Petersburg Times, Mercury Records and more. She holds a BA in Communications with a media writing emphasis.

Known for being an idea generator, Raffi has a knack for connecting the people and ideas which cross her path. Her graphic layouts and user-friendly web sites are often fueled by dark chocolate and her passion for vibrant color.

If she is out of the office, you can safely assume she is watching her daughters running on the track or acting on stage.